We welcome you to our Christian community!

Our email address is westsideunitedchurch@gmail.com

Services and Church Sponsored Activities

Normally we gather for worship each Sunday at 10:30 am at West Side United Church with a program for children integrated into our time of worship.  We have suspended services until the Covid 19 danger has passed.

We enjoy having visitors and guests among us, so please extend an invitation to visitors to join us for worship at the church when the virus concerns are over and invite people to use the online resources linked below.  We look forward to extending warmth and hospitality and an opportunity to meet new people and old friends.

March 22 and 29, 2020 - No worship because of medical advice concerning Covid-19

Future Sunday worship will be evaluated near the end of March and posted to this website.

Rev. McEwen is available by phone or email so please reach out to him when needed.

The following link is to the United Church of Canada online resources for worship. Visit this material at any time. 

Special Events:

Rev. Neil McEwen has been involved in a web-based marriage resource.  This can be accessed by clicking "Marriage Preparation Resource" or following the link https://morethanfriends.live/


About Us

We are an affirming congregation, welcoming all people into our family who are interested in helping improve their lives and the larger community through a Christian framework.   We hope you can join us!

We hold weekly services, usually at 10:30 am on Sunday. You are also invited to participate in our outreach activities to give aid to those members of our community in need. Please check our announcements if you’re interested in attending weekly services or community activities.

Whether you're new to the neighborhood or new to worship, we welcome you with open arms.